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SaTurday, March 28, 2020

Cox Business Center | Tulsa, Oklahoma

Benefitting Mental Health Association Oklahoma



Join us for Carnivale, “The Best Party in Town,” and revel in fine dining, lively dancing and unmatched surprises at Cox Business Center in downtown Tulsa.

Although Carnivale has always been known as “The Best Party in Town,” it also supports one of the most important causes in town. The fight to end homelessness, especially for our veterans, has become more important than ever. The work of the Association has been at the forefront of this mission for decades, and continues to make strides to provide housing, educate the public and remove the stigmas of mental illness. All Carnivale proceeds benefit Mental Health Association Oklahoma’s housing programs, among other services.


The story of this legendary fundraiser began in 1990, when Mrs. Suzanne Warren co-chaired the inaugural Carnivale, then called Le Masquerade. The fundraiser allowed Mental Health Association Oklahoma to open its first housing program, Walker Hall, in 1991. At that time, proceeds benefitted only 12 tenants. Today, Carnivale benefits more than 1,500 individuals and families living in our 26 apartment complexes in Tulsa and our first apartment complex in Oklahoma City.

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Mental Health Association Oklahoma is dedicated to promoting mental health, preventing mental disorders and achieving victory over mental illness through advocacy, education, research, service and housing.


Mental Health Association Oklahoma provides more than 1,500 units of safe, affordable housing as well as services and support that help people with mental illness maintain their housing, including support groups, case management, employment services, recovery support, community integration and community service engagement. Over the years, we have learned that the solution to homelessness, incarceration and inpatient care is a place to call home and a community of people who believe in the ability to recover and live integrated, successful lives in the community. We work endlessly to eliminate homelessness, stigma and poor outcomes for people with mental illness and co-occurring disorders.